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☠ Pirates IRC ☠


Join th' crew to fight sea monsters, duel vicious pirates, discover lost civilizations,  plunder ships, n' more on th' high seas!

The purpose of the game is to earn doubloons which be used to gain levels, buy items from the store, get revenge on other pirates, n' more!

Play the game by joinin' one of the IRC networks on the Play Now page and follow the directions listed.

Want a pirate ship on your network or channel? Ye must have at least 50 active chatters n' the game can be put in a shared channel in reduced message mode. Contact mruno

Report bug reports n' comments by private messaging the bot on ye network.

Support Pirates IRC

Pirates Code of Conduct

  1. Every scallywag or womanly scallywag or manly wench, shall obey civil Command.
  2. If any scallywag shall offer t' run away, or keep any Secret from th' Company, he shall be marroon'd wit' one Bottle o' Rum, one Bottle o' Water, one wee Arm 'n shot.
  3. If ye use a bot t' loot or gain advantage o'er another one o' th' crew, that scallywag shall lose th' shares fer th' day or receive Mose's Law on th' bare Back wit' th' Cat 'o Nine Tails.
  4. If at any Time we should meet another Marrooner that pirate that shall sign his Articles without th' Consent o' our Company, shall suffer such Punishment as th' Cap'n 'n Company shall reckon fit.
  5. That Man that shall use timered messages shall suffer th' same Punishment as in th' former Article.
  6. That Man that shall nah keep his Arms swab, fit fer an Engagement, or neglect his Business, shall be cut off from his Share, 'n suffer such other Punishment as th' Cap'n 'n th' Company shall reckon fit.


Nov 25: Completed changelog for November. Going on holiday for a few weeks. Message the bot any bugs n' be descriptive (bot messages help), but they most likely wont be fixed until I return. A mod will be monitoring the game on all ships.

Nov 1: Changelog for the month is here.

Oct 6: Changelog for the month is here.

Sep 30: Changelog for the past couple weeks is here.

Sep 20: Back from holiday. Currently compiling list of bug reports n' debugging.

June 29: Going on holiday for a few weeks. Message the bot any bugs n' be descriptive... They most likely wont be fixed until I return. A mod will be monitoring the game.

June 22: Homeports fer pirates that not be valid (cells/grids), now be fixed.

June 21: Investments now 'ave a chance to cost ye more doubloons or not 'ave earned any profit.

June 17: Leveling requirements reduced on most ships.

June 13: Number o' player tasks be adjusted. Msg $me for comments or suggestions.

June 9: Increased difficulty fer hall o' famers.

June 6: Added !Pirates Captain Special which starts an event or gives the crew a gift.

June 4: Buffed thievery skill n' doubloons now be stolen in every successful lockpick.

June 3: The pirate that finds treasure (!Pirates Search) will get an additional reward.

May 30: Charisma, Luck, Marksmanship, Swordsmanship skill effects 'ave been buffed.

May 29: Investments are now live for pirates level 13+. !Pirates Invest

May 23: Player chests were too big n' caused problems. Sizes 'ave been reduced.

May 22: !P Port <port> shows last visit time (recording of last visit started May 21).

May 21: Investin' in a port be coming soon!

May 20: Added rare weapons n' diamond items to "!Pirates Cast" event.

May 18: Ships moored at same port will now announce when they depart. Decreased difficulty fer hall o' famers.

May 14: Added an 'Epic Monster Event' to where the monster will 'ave health. Ye will need to shoot, stab, use the cannons, or repair the ship when it occurs wit' !Pirates Defend

May 13: Ship treasure maps are now verbose when locations are shown n' can "expire".

May 11: 25% decrease in port distances.

May 10: Added top stats fer the day: !Pirates Top Today <charver,dig,duels,fish,rob,triggers,work>

Apr 30: Bot will randomly offer reward fer performin' actions.

Apr 29: Pirates who use commands (eg. duel, steal, fish, dig) the most will receive doubloons at the end o' the day (starts Apr 30).

Apr 23: Fixed brig bribe vouchers, added brig bribe vouchers as special market item, n' !Pirates Disease now tells ye what fruit ye need to buy.

Apr 17: Maps that ye keep fer yeself now be easier.

Apr 15: Fixed debug mode cheat (005). Level 29 pirates will receive reduced payouts from achievements

Apr 14: Added !Pirates Top Hate and !Pirates Top Love

Apr 13: New skill code n' lowered skill levels. Ship tasks now be easier to complete especially at location that are not ports.

Apr 10: Show ye love or hate to the Cap'n wit' !Pirates Love or !Pirates Hate

Apr 9: Pirates game moved to a new server with less lag.

Apr 7: Added Shorter IDs fer new chest items. New format uses the number of items ye 'ave had in ye possession since the beginning o' the round vice unix epoch time.

Mar 30: Skill requirements have been reduced.

Mar 29: Added new confirmation fer !Pirates Sail n' it now shows time to destination.

Mar 28: Reduced failed mutiny doubloon penalty on the one who started it n' now all mutineers pay doubloons.

Mar 24: Bot ship will now rob pirates when moored at same port as ye ship.

Mar 23: Cap'ns now get 5% favor increase when mooring at port where another ship be.

Mar 22: Ye can now rob pirates o' other crews, !Pirates Rob <pirate> <ship>. Pirates partakin' in successful crew commads, !Pirates Crew, will be rewarded doubloons.

Mar 21: If ye chest is full, ye now will get doubloons instead o' items when a treasure chest is found.

Mar 20: Away nicks now automatically set when ye change ye nick.

Mar 18: Sabotage n' Counter now require more than 1 pirate.

Mar 15: Increased "anti-spam" cooldown for achievements.

Mar 14: Troll cooldown decreased.

Mar 13: Lockpick cooldown decreased.

Mar 11: Queen Anne's Revenge will now hunt other pirate ships. Once moored at the same port as ye, her crew may duel ye n' try to sabotage ye ship!

Mar 8: Reminder, set a password (!Pirates Options Password) as a backup method to login (in case of nickserv being down).

Mar 5: Added special ship events while in the Bermuda Triangle

Mar 4: Added game difficulties fer hall o' famers. Some difficulties were already implemented n' were discussed here.




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