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Pirate Ships (Game Instances):

Criten Server: irc.criten.net Channel: #Elite-Chat

Dalnet Server: irc.dal.net Channel: #Pirates

Freenode Server: irc.freenode.com Channel: ##Pirates

MyAnonamouse Server: irc.myanonamouse.net (Port +7000) Channel: #Pirates


Don't have an IRC client? Get mIRC or HexChat.


*If ye be new to the network, ye will need to register yer nickname so others will not use it. Type /msg Nickserv Register <password> <email>


After Connecting to the server and joining the channel, type !Pirates Enlist <Gender> <Faction>

Genders: Male or Female

Faction: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Native, or Jesuit Click here to see the differences in faction bonuses

Example: !Pirates Enlist Male English


All ready to go? Check out the Help and Tips on playing!




Pirates on Dalnet using Mibbit Web IRC Client