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BeaST-XDCC Script Frequently Asked Questions



AutoGet / SeasonPass:






Why would I want to use this script?
This script enables you search for packs using a dialog (or Graphical User Interface, GUI) instead of typing commands in #BeaST-chat. In addition, the script queues pack requests, auto extract and/or move files once they have completed being downloaded, automatically download new episodes in a TV series, contains an automated request system, queued message system, new pack notification service, caches pack and search listings, and reduces the overall bot load.
By using "internal cache" you can search for packs without using the search bot.

Why did you make this script?
After years of using Beast-XDCC's "services", I wanted to give something back. This script is the result.
[Link to "products and services" page]

My antivirus says this script is a virus! WTF?
Some antivirus programs flag the script as a virus due to the permissions the script uses. If you feel uncomfortable you can scan the script with VirusTotal's Online Scanner or don't use the script.

What are these exe files in the EW directory? Are they viruses?
Recycle.exe is used to move compressed files (after extraction) to your recycle bin. 7z.exe is 7-zip and is used to extract files. Neither are viruses. Feel free to scan them.

What are the special permissions the script uses and why?
The following are the special permissions the script uses:

How can I report bugs?
Join Criten (Beast-XDCC) and use the MEMO mruno button.

How can I request a new feature?
Join Criten (Beast-XDCC) and use the MEMO mruno button.



Autoget / SeasonPass

What is AutoGet?
AutoGet is a system that will automatically request a file, once the filters you specify, matches a file being advertised in #beast-XDCC.

How do I use the AutoGet system?
You must first search for a file and it must not produce any results. When there are no results, the "Add to AutoGet" button will appear in the Search tab. Click this button and then click the "Add" button in the AutoG tab.

How does the AutoGet system work?
The AutoGet system monitors the #Beast-XDCC channel where the bots are displaying their packs. When the filter you added to the AutoGet system matches what a bot is advertising, then the AutoGet system requests it. This is often faster than using the search bot in #beast-chat. I personally use this to get files BEFORE they are listed in #beast-chat.

Why does the script automatically add files to the AutoGet list when I cancel the transfer?
The script is not able to determine when you cancel a DCC within mIRC due to mIRC limitations. Either cancel the DCC within the EW script's dialog, or turn off "Add failed DCCs to AutoGet" within the EW Options.

What is SeasonPass?
SeasonPass uses AutoGet to automatically download new TV series' episodes as they are released in #BeaST-XDCC.

How does SeasonPass work?
SeasonPass monitors #beast-xdcc for matching files. When a matching file is found, the script checks and see if the episode is in the history (exception) list. If the file is NOT in the history, the file is downloaded. If the file IS in the history. it is ignored and not downloaded.

Why can I not only select Standard Definition for my TV Series?
This is due to there not being a standard file format naming system for Standard Definition Episodes. If there is enough demand for SD only episodes, I will add the feature to the script.

Why are the High Definition episodes limited to 720p?
720p is the currently the only format that is ripped from TV broadcasts.

SeasonPass is not downloading the new episodes!
Follow the steps below:
1) Check and see what the current episode is here or type !ep <show> in #Beast-Chat.
2) Ensure there are no spaces in SeasonPass's entry of the TV Series. If there is, remove the series and add it again.
3) Next, see if the file has been released on #Beast-XDCC by typing !s <tv show + episode> (Example: !s game of thrones s02 e04). If the tv show has returned search results check the SeasonPass History and ensure the episode is not in the history list. If it is, remove it.
4) The episode will now download the next time it is advertised in #beast-xdcc (may take up to 45 mins).




What is the Queue system?
The Queue system enables you to request files sequentially instead of all at once which may be necessary if the files you want are on the same bot OR you want to conserve bandwidth.

How does the queue work?
The script will automatically add items (packs/files) to the queue if the bot's send and queue slots are full. If this was not done, you would have to wait until the a file is completed from the bot and request the file from the bot again. The queue automatically will try to get the file from the bot once a file has completed OR when you rejoin #BeaST-chat.

Why does the Queue system sometimes not start requesting files?
The queue will "start" once a file has been received. If a bot has went offline the queue system will stop. You may manually start the queue by double clicking an item from the queue tab.




How does the script decompress files? Why does a minimized window popup when extracting?
*** Does not work in Windows 8 and Windows 10. *** Try one of the tools listed here.
The decompression process uses a batch file to create a directory based on the compressed file's name. Next the batch file extracts all files that have the following extensions: *.tar, *.rar, *.zip, *.zipx, *.001, and *.7z. The compressed files are sent to the recycle bin after decompression.

Why did my file not decompressed? OR There are no files in the directory that was created after the filename.
The batch file does NOT perform integrity checks before it decompresses. The compressed files may have been corrupted or there may have been missing files. You can restore the files from your Recycle Bin and follow the corrupted/missing files guide here.




The image file or whilefix.dll or 7zip will not download within the script. What can I do?
Get them here and extract the zip file to your EW directory: type "//run $ew.dir" to open it.

I cannot receive any files when I use the script.
Ensure all IP blocking and/or firewalls are disabled. Ensure your usermode is not set to +R (type //mode $me -R in mIRC to turn off). Still having problems? Read this.

I enabled "Use whilefix.dll" in the options, and now I cannot start mIRC. What do I do?
The dll is causing mIRC to hang. To correct this, delete whilefix.dll which is located in your mIRC/EW directory and then disable the option in /EW after you are able to reopen your mIRC. Your mIRC directory will be located in either the mIRC installation directory or C:\Users\<name>\AppData\Roaming\mIRC

Why does mIRC freeze after a file is downloaded?
This occurs when you have mIRC's download directory and the "Move completed downloads to:" on different directories. To fix this, change mIRC's default download directory by pressing ALT+O, DCC, Options select Default and click Edit. You can also change it by disabling "Move completed downloads" or change it to the same drive as mIRC's download directory.

I cannot receive files greater than 4gb in size. What can I do?
Ensure you are using mIRC 6.35 or above. Ensure the filesystem you are downloading files to is NOT in FAT32. If it is, you will need to convert it to exFAT or NTFS OR use a different drive that has the filesystems mentioned.

I have a problem that is not listed here. What do I do?
Post your problem in the forum or join Criten and use the "MEMO mruno" button.



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