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  \ \ \L\ \/\  __//\ \L\.\_/\ \L\ \ \ \ \       \/'/\`\ \ \ \_\ \ \ \L\ \\ \ \L\ \
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BeaST XDCC mIRC Script - Options


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Looking for the Main Dialog help? Click here.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions here.

Visit the support forum here. See the basic walk through videos here.

  • Install the BeaST XDCC Script by following the steps listed here.
  • Open the options by typing /BX OPTIONS within mIRC or right click in the #BeaST-XDCC channel and choose the Beast-XDCC menu.


Main tab

SSL Network - Connects to the Network via SSL. Secure Sockets Layer. See more about SSL and how to enable it in mIRC here.
Place an icon in the Windows Tray (BX tray icon) - Uses systray.dll to place an icon in the Windows tray. Single or double clicking the icon will open the BeaST-XDCC dialog directly. Notifications can be sent to this icon once this option is enabled within the Notification options.
List icons - Changes the icon theme that is used under the List tab within the main dialog.

Show Dialog Options:
...when mIRC is opened - Shows the Main tab when you open mIRC.
...and minimize mIRC
- minimizes mIRC to the Windows tray after the main dialog is opened.
... when I join #BeaST-CHAT
- Shows the Main tab when you join #beast-chat. Enabled by default.
...when I use a !trigger - Shows the Lists tab when you perform a trigger in #beast-chat. Enabled by default.
On top of all other windows - Shows the script's dialog on top of all other windows. Best used when you have multiple monitors.

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Lists tab

Only allow files from Trusted users (inclides BeaST-XDCC bots) - Only accepts files from BeaST-XDCC bots
Retry to get failed file transfers with AutoGet - Adds file transfers that have failed to the AutoGet list and the script will attempt to get the file again.
Perform the following commands on downloaded files - Enables you to run custom commands on files such as antivirus scans, decompressors, or moving the files.
Automatically decompress/extract files - Runs a batch file on the downloaded file that decompresses the file you downloaded (#BeaST-XDCC files only).
Move completed downloads tot he directory below - Runs a batch file to move the downloaded file to a directory you specify. It is best to have the mIRC download directory and the completed file directory on the same disk drive.
Move TV Series downloads to the directory below - Runs a batch file to move downloaded TV Series episodes to the directory you specify. Useful for HTPC or Plex PCs.

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Search tab

Autojoin connecto to IRC network when mIRC is opened - Connects to the Network specified in the General options.
Automatically join BeaST-XDCC channels when connected - Joins #beast-chat and #Beast-XDCC when connected to the Network. Enabled by default.
Automatically request the Latest file list when joining #BeaST-CHAT - The script automatically requests the Latest packs from the bot in #beast-chat.

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Search tab2

Register your nickname with Nickserv - Registers your nickname with the Abjects network. Good for keeping your nickname from being used by others and when you make requests.
Automatically Identify for the nickname listed below - The script will send your password to the network when prompted.
Change (password) - Changes your nickname's password stored within the script.
Regain nickname (ghost) - Terminates the connection using your nickname so you can regain the nickname you have registered.
Re-Identify - Resends your nickname's password to Abjects.
Sticky nick - The script will change your nick to the one you have listed above and registered with Abjects.

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Queue Tab

Update List - Displays the modules that are available to install and shows the last time the module list was remotely updated.
> - Installs the module you have selected.
< - Uninstalls the module you have selected.

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AutoG tab

How do you want notifications displayed?

Echo in Status window - Displays script messages in the Abjects Status window.
Echo in active window - Displays script messages in the active window.
Show in custom window - Displays script messages in a dedicated custom window.
Display as mIRC Tip (popup window) - Displays script messages in a popup message that is displayed in the bottom right of the screen.
Display Tray Tip - Displays script messages on the Windows tray. "Place an icon in the Windows Tray" must be enabled in the General options.
Do not display notifications - Disables all script messages. This is NOT recommended.
How long would you like the popup to be displayed (in seconds)? - Displays the mIRC tip (if selected) in the time you specify.
Beep when a notification is received - Plays the mIRC beep sound when a script message is generated.
Log notifications
- Saves all of the script messages in a file.
View log - Displays the script messages.

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Cache tab

Enable internal cache - saves all of the packs that are being advertised in #BeaST-XDCC to your mIRC. Makes searches faster and does not depend on the BeaST-CHAT bot to be online. Only recommended for mid to high performance computers.
Use whilefix.dll - Keeps mIRC from freezing when performing long operations such as viewing files in the internal cache. Note: May cause mIRC to freeze and you will have to delete whilefix.dll from within the mIRC EW directory if this happens.
Prevent files from being corrupted on file transfer errors - Rolls back on file data to prevent a file transfer that is being resumed from skipping some data.
Optimize mIRC file transfer settings when mIRC is opened - Optimizes mIRC internal settings when mIRC is opened to ensure file transfer speeds are optimum.
Clean '#BeaST channels' messages (reduces lag) - Hides bot messages within #BeaST-XDCC and !trigger commands in #BeaST-CHAT. This can reduce lag when the #BeaST-XDCC channel window is active.

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Requests tab

Enable Scheduler - Starts and stops BeaST-XDCC file transfers based on the days/times you specify. Files will be saved in the Queue tab until the scheduled start time.
Start download at - Sets the time when downloads should be started. Format is 24H format and must follow the HH:MM format. Example: 1am would be shown as 01:00 and 4pm would be 16:00.
! - Sets the start or stop time for the scheduler.
Days - Sets the days on when to download files.
Stop downloads at - Sets the stop time for BeaST-XDCC file transfers.

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DCCs tab

Check for updates - Performs a manual version check of the script. Not necessary since the script automatically checks every 6 hours.
Clear Lists - Deletes the lists from the Lists tab.
Reset to Defaults - Restores the script to the default settings.
Unload this script - Uninstalls the script.

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