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Corrupt files or Missing files?

How to decompress / use files:

Compressed files: .001 .rar .tar - Use 7zip or Winrar
Video file: .avi .mp4 .xvid .mpg - Use VLC Media Player or K-Lite Codec Pack

For all other file types not listed, visit http://www.fileinfo.com/filetypes/common

How to fix corrupted files:

Corrupt TAR Files:
If you receive a corrupt file when decompressing a .TAR file, try getting the file from the same bot to ensure the file was completely sent.
If you still receive a corrupt file when decompressing a .TAR file, try to get the file from another bot.

Corrupt .001, .RAR, or .ZIP files:
1) Open the archive in 7zip or Winrar.
2) Click the test button to test the archive for errors.

For Winrar:

For 7zip:

3) If there are more than 5 files that are corrupt, try to get the pack from a different bot or the same bot if the pack you received is not on another bot.
4) If there are 5 files or less, you can get the files from #incomplete. See below on how to do that.

Alternate method

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Missing Files:

If you have 5 missing or corrupt files, you can request the individual files from #incomplete.

1) Join #incomplete on irc.criten.net.
2) Read the rules on their website before making any file requests.
3) The syntax command to request files is: !request filename.rar / Description of release.

Example: !request dev-ef2b.042 / STAR.TREK.ELITE.FORCE.II-DEViANCE
4) Wait in #incomplete until your requested file(s) have been sent.
5) Delete the corrupted files (if any).
6) Place the received files in the directory as the corrupted files were located.
7) Test the new files using 7zip or Winrar using the directions above or sfv.

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