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Getting Started

Note: This guide is written using mIRC 7. It is recommended to setup mIRC according to these steps.

Below is how to use the search bot to view the latest file releases, search for files, and how to get files.

1) In, #ELiTE-CHAT type a trigger. Click here to see the list of triggers.

The following are the most popular triggers:

- The search bot will return the 50 newest file releases in each category (and how many times the file has been sent (gets) and the size).
NOTE: Depending on your IRC Client settings, the bot's messages may be sent to another window such as Status or the bot's name.

Trigger results

2) Once you find a file release that you want, type: !search release name
Note: Wildcards can be used (* and ?), but spaces and periods are the same as *.

Search results

3) The search bot will return a list of files that are available. Copy and paste the command listed by the bot.
Example: /msg [EWG]_][bot][ XDCC SEND #12
Note: If you receive the error: "You must be on a known channel to request a pack" type: /JOIN #ELiTEWAREZ

4) The bot will send you the file if all the send slots are not full, otherwise the bot will send you the file automatically once it has an open send slot.


*** If you are unable to receive the file, try the troubleshooting steps listed here or try another bot (if available). ***