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How to optimize mIRC for receiving files:

Note: This guide is written using mIRC 7.x.
Click here on how to setup basic mirc options.

To optimize mIRC to receiving files, perform the following:

1) Download TCP Optimizer and use it to optimize Window's TCP stack.
2) Open the mIRC Options dialog (in the menu go to Tools -> Options) and navigate to the Connect, Options tab.
3) Press the Perform button:

4) Enter the following in the Perform commands window:
/dcc packetsize 4096
/fsend on
/pdcc on

Your Perform dialog should match the following image:

5) Press OK to close the Perform dialog.
6) Press OK to close the Options dialog.

If you are still having problems receiving files, see this guide.

This is the end of the Optimize mIRC guide.