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Welcome Aboard, Mateys!

Ye be a landlubber if ye below level 10.

If ye are between levels 11 and 20 check out the Pirate Apprentice page, n' if ye be above level 20, visit the Pirate Master page.


The purpose of the game is to earn doubloons which be used to gain levels, buy items from the store, get revenge on other pirates, n' more!


There are multiple ways to play PiratesIRC. You can take the interactive approach by dueling, fishing, robbing, and digging up treasure or sit back and earn yer doubloons by chatting and idling.
If ye 'ave joined a game that has players at higher levels, ye can gain two levels per day until ye are within 3 levels of them, ye can gain a level every 3 days from bein' the poorest pirate, n' ye can also be sponsored by a higher level pirate wit't the !Pirates Sponsor command.

The best way to earn doubloons is to ensure ye stay on the channel. Otherwise, ye will miss mass events such as ship quests, raids, idle bonuses, etc.
Here be a free way to be on IRC without keeping your computer on.

Playing Styles - There are two styles of playing Pirates. Active and non-active (players that mostly idle). Active players will always have an advantage over non-active from using commands, but non-active players will receive multiple idle bonuses throughout the day. Maximize your profit by choosing a faction based on your style of play. If you are unsure of which style you want to play, choose a faction such as English that is good for both styles.

New Player Commands - The first 9 levels have commands available to them to help gain doubloons: Pirates level 1 thru 5 can perform !Pirates Swab, !Pirates Carry, !Pirates Clean, !Pirates Rig, and !Pirates Lookout commands. Pirates level 6 thru 9 can perform !Pirates Steer, !Pirates Fix, !Pirates Cook, and !Pirates Repair. All of these commands along with fishing, diving, digging, etc 'ave cooldowns.

Want to skip ahead commands?

Chattin' - Ye can earn doubloons by chatting in the Pirates channel. Chatting does not count ye as being an active player. Ye can chat all ye want and still earn up to 25 idle bonuses per day. !Pirates triggers will count ye as active.

Chests - When ye join the crew ye get a small chest (!Pirates Chest) that can hold 5 items. Ye can gain items by stealin' from other pirates, fishin', diggin', divin', n' castin'. If the ship be moored, ye can sell these items in the market (!Pirates Market Sell). At level 5, ye can auction items from ye chest wit' !Pirates Auctions

Dueling – Look for pirates to duel with !Pirates Level. Use !Pirates Power to check your power and the pirate you intend to duel to ensure ye have a good chance of winning by having a higher power rating. Check ye stamina and ye opponent's stamina (normally 5) before dueling since that is factored in with ye power rating when ye duel. Use !Pirate Davey Jones and !Pirates Charver to help increase ye own stamina or lower a potential opponent's stamina.

Leveling – Ye need doubloons to level so do everything you can to earn doubloons: dueling, digging for treasure, fishing, idling, games, robbing, etc. Once ye are showing negative numbers for reaching the next level in !Pirates Today, ye will level (unless ye have already leveled that day, then the time will be shown on when ye will level). Ye can use the !Pirates Today command to initiate an immediate level up after selling weapons if ye are close to leveling.

Network Dueling – Ye can now duel pirates from other 'ships'. Ships be defined as other Pirate game instances that be on other IRC networks. Ye ship n' the other ship must be moored at the same port. If this occurs, ye can use !Pirates Level to seen what pirates ye can duel n' then check their power wit' !Pirates Power <pirate> <ship>. If ye want to duel 'em, use !Pirates Duel <pirate> <ship>. Note: Bounties will not be paid out to pirates from another ship.

Options - Thar be many options ye can use to change the notifications of the game. By default ye will receive private messages n' messages from memoserv if ye go offline. Change these options wit' the !Pirates Options command.

Referrals - Players level 3 and below can specify who got 'em to join the crew with !Pirates Referral <pirate>. Both pirates will earn a bonus when this is done and fer every 10 levels the referred player gains.

Stamina - Stamina affects your power which is important when dueling. Stamina is also needed for you to duel. Ye normally have 5 stamina. It will cost you 1 stamina to duel a pirate when you are below level 10 and 2 stamina when above. It will cost 2 stamina to duel the bot (!Pirates Bot). 1 point of stamina is recovered about every 10 minutes. To increase this to 2 points per 10 minutes, use !Pirates Rest. When you are resting, you should not use any !Pirates commands otherwise, you will 'awaken'. You can also recover stamina by buying rum (!Pirates Store Rum) or by hiring a wench when you are in a port (!Pirates Wench). Stamina can also be taken from another player with !Pirates Charver.

Tasks - Complete tasks to get a large bonus. Use the !Pirates Tasks command to see what tasks need to be completed. If you are unsure what the tasks wants you to do, visit the help page and read the commands list. New tasks will be assigned when you advance levels.

Weapons – If ye have weapons, ye can use them to help ye level by selling them before you are close to level. Use !Pirates Sell to see how much ye will get for them (broken weapons are almost worthless). Ye can not repair weapons that are broken, so repair or customize them before ye use 'em up. Customizing weapons will also repair them n' add 10 durability fer each customization. You will not need to purchase weapons unless there is a pirate within two levels of ye n' ye are at least level 3.


Commands for Landlubbers

Level Fishing Digging Store Bot Fightin' Games Player Fightin' Blackjack Diving Request Auctions Bounties Sabotage

All commands are prefixed wit' !Pirates or !P or P

Auction - Tis be just like ebay! Post or bid on auction fer many useful and useless items!

Bounties - Displays the bounty list. Bounties can only be claimed by pirates on ye own ship.

Bounty <pirate> - Ye can set up to 2 bounties fer pirates who ye want revenge on. Bounties can be collected by starting and winnin' a duel with a scallywagger who has a bounty on their head.

Dig - Ye can find buried treasure or other pirates' stashes. Good luck matey!

Dive - Lets you dive while on a voyage to find treasure under the waves. The Cap'n must have set sail (!Pirates Captain Sail) fer ye to be able to dive.

Duel <pirate or Bot> - Starts a duel with another pirate or the bot. The winner be determined by calculating pirates' power (!Pirates Power) along with a degree of randomness. It be best if ye have weapons. Buy some in the store. Ye can duel a pirate from another ship if ye own ship and another ship be moored at the same port wit' !Pirates Duel <pirate> <ship>1

Fish - Lets ye fish if ye not busy doing other work. Sometimes ye find some good items worth lots of doubloons or times ye hook the wrong things...

Games – Lists the games that be available to play. It be a good way to earn some extra cash by cheatin' against other pirates.

Request - Lets ye make a request for the Cap'n. Ye can request another pirate be punished, sail to another port, n' more.


Landlubber Work Commands

1 thru 5
!Pirates Swab, !Pirates Carry, !Pirates Clean, !Pirates Rig, and !Pirates Lookout1
6 thru 9
!Pirates Steer, !Pirates Fix*, !Pirates Cook, and !Pirates Repair2
1 - When sailin', Chance to detect if an underway pirate ship is near
2 - Chance to repair the ship


Levels 1 and 2 pirates be protected from dueling against other pirates n' can earn doubloons by fishing, digging, robbing, chatting and idling. Ye can also duel against the game bot (if available). Ye can check if there is a bot by typing !Pirates Bot. If there is one, ye can duel him with !Pirates Duel <name>. The bot will change levels every 10 minutes and after each duel.

Once you reach level 3, if there are other pirates within 2 levels of ye (check wit' !Pirates Level n' don't worry if the bot is on the list), it is recommended to protect yeself from being dueled by purchasing a gun and sword from the store. Ye can start dueling other players and earn quite a bit of doubloons, but be careful because if ye can duel them, they can duel ye.

Ye can also start playing games at level 3. See Games.