PiratesIRC Code o' Conduct


The followin' be against the Code o' Conduct:

  • Using timers to automatically send commands to the game when you are not present
  • Using scripts to automatically respond to bot messages
  • Usin' multiple nicknames, clones, or bots(on the same ship) to gain advantage against other players or ships
  • Intentionally using exploits to gain advantage over others and not reporting via !Pirates Bug


The followin' punishment may be awarded for not abiding by the Code:

  • Brigged for minutes to hours or even days
  • Banned from using !P commands
  • Designated as a bot which will only enable you to use some !P commands
  • Account deletion
  • Account "corrections" such as removing exploited money or items
  • Ships having multiple instances o' rule breakers may be banished to 'The Void' n' unable to sail