Take Care o' Ye Ship...


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Protect the ship n' it will protect ye. Be aware o' danger o' the sea as if a monster attacks or a fire erupts, the ship is the only place ye can go...

Ammunition - There are several different kinds of shot that can be purchased and used depending on what the ship is fighting. Round shot is always available and is a good all around ammo to use. All other ammunition must be purchased at a port's market.

Shot Type Damage vs Monsters Damage vs Ports Damage vs Ships
Canister - ++soldiers --structure -hull ++personnel +sails
Chain + +soldiers -structure -hull +personnel ++sails
Exploding ++ +soldiers ++structure ++hull +personnel -sails
Round no modifier no modifier no modifier ++hull -personnel -sails


Hit Points - Ye ship has 100 hitpoints. if it falls below 50hp, ye ship will not be able to sail from a port until it reaches 50hp. Ships will regenerate hp at a default rate of 1hp/minute when docked at a port. The ship will heal itself to 11% HP when anchored or moored at a cell. Ye can view the ship's HP wit' !Pirates HP

Damage - When ye ship is damaged, it will not travel as fast. Once the ship is below 10% HP, it be unable to sail.

Shipwright - Each port will have a shipwright that can services the ship and outfit it wit' ammunition, cannons, n' upgrades. !Pirates Shipwright

Upgrade or Service
Doubloon Cost
Bronze Cannons
Curacao's market
+25% damage when usin' ship's cannons1
+10% accuracy1
Hull Cleaning
All Port Markets
37% speed increase on the next voyage2
Copper Plating
Vera Cruz's market
Increase ship speed by 12%1
Cotton Sails
Bermuda's market
Increase ship speed by 25%1
Fine-Grain Powder
Puerto Principe's market
12% more damage when usin' ship's cannons1
Hull Grease All Port Markets 25% speed increase on the next voyage2 Low
Teleport Stone Pirate Haven market Enables the Cap'n to teleport the ship to a Pirate Haven1 High
1 - Effect will be retained until the next season starts.
2 - Effect is only for the next voyage